About the Course

We are creating a blended learning course which builds the skills and confidence a woman with STEM qualifications needs to create their own innovative business.

At the heart of WITECH will be a MOOC or (Massive Open Online Course). It will also be a self-sustaining tool to encourage professors to innovate their teaching practices and while aimed at Master’s students in STEM subjects, by being freely available online, it is also intended to spark interest in ICT among high school girls to encourage them to choose this field of studies.It is expected the course will promoted widely across Europe, following development and testing of its contents during 2022.

Module 1:  

Entrepreneurship and management:
Notions of entrepreneurship (including social entrepreneurship), how to become an executive of the 21st century (new working culture, corporate-social responsibility, diversity in the workplace).

Module 2:

Technology entrepreneurship: the notions of entrepreneurship applied to the specific challenges of starting a business in the technology sectors.

Module 3:

Understanding the context of tech startups or tech hubs in the framework of technology entrepreneurial ecosystems.